This page was made to WARN any visitor who came to this site, from, about their distorted/false report of -- which was made to steal you to their website.

Purpose of scrupulous money making website - is to invent, amplify and paint the worst picture about other companies - by using the smallest of complaints & cases (which EVERY serious business will naturally have).

Why was CREATED?

So they can then ask for money from the reviewed companies by saying "If you want your review removed - you nee to pay LOT OF DOLLARS".

Yes, they also asked us!

Think about it. Really believe a site like with so much well written content - is created out of goodness of heart? No.

It's an agenda to create optimized Google SEO content for keywords like "fraud, scam", to WIN traffic to the website by siphoning it off popular websites.

It's all about monetzing popular companies to make money. That's their money making model.

Thus all you read about is a total distortion of Facts.

Truth is, today no dishonest company can survive because Internet is so transparent. has been up since 2011, serving hundreds of thousands of customers. And still enjoys helping hundreds more each month.